Monday, June 16, 2014

Seth turns 30!

Happy Birthday Seth!!! We wanted to make this birthday a special one since it's a new decade and he just graduated from Grad school.

I had been wanting to get Seth something extra special for this birthday's present, and a graduation present. Back in February I had started brainstorming what we could do, to make it a memorable one.

Originally I wanted to rent an exotic car for him to go driving in, and have a fun day out. But I quickily found out that was impossible to do, the closest thing to that would be going to Vegas. Where he could drive an exotic car around a track twice, get a T-shirt, photo for $400. Maybe another time.

After more research, I decided on surprising him with a day of off-roading in Moab!

On Seth's birthday, the kids and I visited him at work in the morning with donuts and a few of his favorite snacks.

I switched him cars, and while Scarlett went to a birthday party, Lincoln and I went out and got his car detailed inside-out! It was so gross from our 1,400 mile road trip from the week before. (plus Lincoln threw up a few times in it) This was a nice surprise for him when he got home from work.

Lincoln got quite bored during the process, it was way past his naptime! The cars could only entertain him for so long

Seth's parents mega surprised him and came back into town!! They could not have timed it more perfectly. When he got home from work at 4pm, they literally pulled in the drive way right behind him! He was so confused! We were already so lucky to see them when the flew out for his graduation ceremony, and then when we went to Illinois/Iowa for Seth's cousin's wedding. So this was a fun surprise!

We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and Seth rode the saddle and they sang to him.:) What a stud.

Saturday afternoon we had a BBQ and friends came to help us celebrate. It was a birthday/congrats bash, so glad we were able to do that! It was really nice having his parents here for that party too, they were a great help in the preparations.

We ate good food. The kids bounced in the bounce house. He blew out candles. It was a success!!

Happy Birthday Seth!

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