Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I don't even know where to start to talk about this little man! 

He is sweet. He is handsome. He is sweet and handsome. and Handsomely sweet! Sweetly handsome. and little....

His 2 year stats:
Weight: 22.3 lbs (5.6%tile)
Length: 33 in (9.5%tile)
Head circumference:  18 in (3%tile)

One thing I absolutely adore is how he pretend plays, with Scarlett. Specifically he enjoys pretending to be a puppy. He has done this for month, crawling around making puppy sounds, panting, with his tongue out. Following Scarlett wherever she goes.

His vocabulary is growing. Not exploding - yet, but growing. I love when he says "no noo" (I don't know) and "ee ease" (more please). He calls his drink "co co", credit goes to his sister who is obsessed with "hot cocoa"still, which is just warm milk.

He always blows kisses when I say "I love you", if we are parting ways.

He really doesn't like it when I do his hair, it's constant "ow oowwww ow ow ow's" When I am gelling it up. He much rather just have at the gel by himself.

He still takes two naps for me sometimes, when we are home all day. He sleeps with his teddy and I usually snuggle him with teddy before laying him in his crib. Then he'll say "mooommy?" and point to the ceiling "bessh, bessh" ...ooookay lincoln, Good night.... "Mommy?! Beessh, beesh." I just recently found out I think he is saying "bees" He always points out the bees in books. For whatever reason there always seems to be one!

Raja loves to sleep with him in his crib, and he lets her. He likes to pet her nicely and steal kisses from her.

Lincoln loves trucks!!! He points them out a lot, while we are driving, going through parking lots, in books, and on his clothes or anywhere he sees them. "uuck" or "cuccck". All cars are "uuucks" too, of course.

He loves his sister. When we go to Scarlett's dance class, we have opportunities to go into the studio to watch her dance. And as soon as the door opens to go in, Lincoln runs straight to Scarlett to give her a big hug. Every time.
It doesn't matter if she makes him be her puppy, husband, neighbor, teacher, friend, or dad - as long as she is letting him pretend play - he will play the part! He always wants to be doing what she is doing (and she knows it! Which is trouble. she's a great teacher of doing bad things too often)

Things I love -

- He will hunt me down so I can kiss his owie all better, even if I'm on the otherside of the house.
- Bubbles make him so happy.
-He loves to be tickled, and to jump.
- He tucks both arms up and waves them hard when he's running around.
- When he says "yeah" all the time, to everything and anything.
- I absolutely love kissing his cheeks and forehead, over and over and over.

I love his mild temperament, happy-go-lucky personality. People say "just wait until he's 2." "Just wait... until he gets bigger"

But really, this boy has stolen my heart and I don't plan on getting it back for a long time.

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