Monday, March 18, 2013


I was in the living room just 30 min ago when Scarlett came in from playing in the backyard, with her pants and undies down to her ankles.

Me-?????????????"What are you doing Scarlett!"

Scar - "I just had to go potty"

Me - You went ouside?

Scar - "Yep"

Me - "Did you wipe??"

Scar - "Yea......       with leaves."

Me - speechless.

I had her go outside and show me where she went - sure enough, there was a little potty puddle in the dirt/grass. She told me she just sat on the ground and did her thing. Oh Boy.

Today is Linc's 9m check up and Scarlett's 3 yr well check. One of the questions on Scarlett's questionnaire was "Point to a 'living' thing on a book or magazine and ask 'What is that?' and answer "Yes" if your child says something like "A man, a girl, a snowman, a little boy, etc" And write their response below.

So I pointed to a picture of a man giving a priesthood blessing to a little girl from the Primary Children's Songbook.

"Scarlett, What is that?"

Her response - "Um, a Child of God!"


Yea, I put that answer down on her questionnaire.

Love this girl.

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