Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Miss, Happy Birthday!

It took us a few miscarriages to get Scarlett safely in our arms. March 2, 2010 pitocin got things going and after a whole day of steady progression, pushing into March 3rd, Scarlett was born at 12:36am. 7lbs even and 21 inches long! I love that my memory can vividly take me into those exciting, nervous, anxious, scared moments of that night that changed my life forever.

The day we walked out those hospital doors with our own baby to keep alive was even more full of exciting, nervous, anxious, scared feelings!!! But she has made it this far under our love and care.

Holy cow, do we love her.

I can't believe she's 3.... I can't believe she is ONLY 3.

 When Scarlett was somewhere about 6 weeks old, we realized this girl was actually going to be a Blondy. Look at this photo! Her hair just grew in WHITE, it was nuts. Until we gave her her fist hair cut (on her first birthday) people had asked if we actually dyed/highlighted her hair. Haha. No. And neither Seth or I were blonde as little ones.

"Miss" has blossomed into a little girl. She isn't a toddler anymore. She's an actual little girl. I'm serious folks. She has full on conversations with you. She will talk your ear off until you're telling her to "calm down" and beg her to become occupied with something else.

I've never met another 3 year old who's pronunciation is as great as Scarlett's. I'm a bit biased, but I think it's almost perfect!

She is so polite. My heart melts each day with her random "Thanks for helping me get some lunch mom, it was really yummy." or "You're sweet mom, thanks for doing that for me". When she was 1 she would say "You're welcome" after doing something for us - reminding us to say our Thank yous.

She does NOT like hair in her baths. I have to clean the shower/tub before she gets in. And the world is crashing down if she finds one I missed.

 She loves to imagine and play pretend. That she's a princess, cowboy, in a marching band, and a doctor, etc

 Scarlett's a social butterfly. She is always the first to say "Hi" while we pass others down the grocery store aisle or on a walk. She s the first to make friends at the playground no matter boy/girl or young/old.

 She's potty trained!! ;)

 She loves to help.

She loves making brownies with her daddy. She's quite a daddy's girl. She loves when he tickles her, his kisses, rough housing, and helping him with projects on the car.

She likes to "exercise", DANCE, sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" to Lincoln when he is sad or when we're bored in the car. Scarlett always wants a dress on.

She loves Jesus, praying, and the Book of Mormon. And I love that she calls her pink princess castle her "pink temple" and sleeps in it every night.

Sunday could be her favorite day of the week, because she gets to go to NURSERY!!!

She loves her BFF Lexi. 

I love how she shortens names on her own, She interchangeably says "Lexi" and "Lex" or "Lincoln" and "Linc".

The girl has sass! Have you seen her crusties? She can give the look of death so easily. I think a lot of them can be contributed to the lovely "terrible two" stage and discovering her independence - but the girl can hold her own.I know I have a lot of great pictures of her crusties... But none available to share at the moment.

We love our Little Miss! I want to go on and on trying to explain how special she is to us, but this is all I can put into words right now.

Happy Birthday Scarlett! 
We're so blessed to have you in our lives as our daughter!


  1. LOVE this post! We so desperately wish you guys lived closer to us. She's a beautiful little girl-- you made it happen!

  2. Happiness in a post! Love ya cutie Scarlett!!!!!

  3. nice post megan. She is a cutie!