Friday, April 20, 2012

Are we sure today wasn't suppose to be Friday the 13th?

What a busy April so far!! Cousin Claire was born March 22nd, so Seth's parents came into town for a while. Grandma Sandi was here for 3 weeks, and Grandpa Steve came for a week over Easter. It was a lot of fun to have extra family in town, Scarlett especially loves to be around her grandparents.

Last week was spring break for the Utah County schools, which meant Jenni - Scarlett's sitter - was enjoying her week with her own children at home. Grandma watched Scarlett for me some so I wouldn't have such a crazy time this week trying to make up my hours. Which was such a gigantic huge help on me!! But I still worked two full and 2 half days this week Mon-Thurs. That was the first time I've been to work so often since Scarlett was born. So it felt like a lot.

So today, my first full day with Scarlett back at home and without extra family in town since mid March, was exciting! We both slept in until 9:30! Took our time with breakfast and getting ready and were going to go out for some fun errands. Scarlett was ready to go, I had finished cleaning what I wanted to - and jumped in the shower. I always keep the door open so I can hear Scarlett and we usually talk to each other so I know she's not getting into anything she shouldn't, etc. I was about to get out, Scarlett was right outside the curtain when I told her to go get her shoes on and we were going to leave in a second.... 30 seconds later I turn off the water, grab my towel , and realize Scarlett is sitting up on the toilet - with the hair trimming scissors up to her forehead.

I grabbed the scissors from her - but the damage was done. She got one snip in within that 30 seconds of being unsupervised. I was so sad and mad (more at myself than her - that she could get to the scissors and I hadn't caught her in time). I just stood there crying! It was such a mix of emotions... Lots had just built up over the days and my first day home and this!?!

I called Seth at work, sobbing. Poor guy thought something was terribly wrong. Scarlett and Raja were all over me trying to figure out why I was crying. It was such a ridiculous scene.

She's officially two years old folks! Seth came home about 5:30 and we took this photo...

3 minutes later she thought she was being funny and chucked my cell phone at my face. Got this fat lip...
30 min later Seth got a text that the "yes, you're going to Scotland for work in May for 10 days" he got yesterday - has now actually fallen through and they didn't need to send him anymore.

It was just all a kind of bummer day.

But then we went and grabbed dinner to eat at the park. And Scarlett was running around like a crazy woman being tickled by her dad. What a beautiful Friday night! We saw a hot air balloon, kites flying, and ran around barefoot. Hard day, but what a beautiful life we have! So blessed and fortunate. Sometimes I need the hard times to recognize the serious good times.

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