Monday, April 30, 2012

April - Family time. and some other photos...

On March 22nd Scarlett welcomed a new baby cousin into the world, Baby Claire!! What's even more super cool about new cousins is... Grandmas and Grandpas come around to see the new cousin too!! Grandma Sandi came and visited for 3 weeks, Grandpa Steve came for a week, over Easter.

Swimming at grandma and grandpa's hotel for Monday family night.

I really need to find more photos to document the fun happenings while the grandparents were here. We went on a lot of play grounds, went to the Thanksgiving point petting farm and rode on a pony! We went driving out to the Nutty Putty cave area and had an awesome picnic complete with grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

This is a photo after Daddy set up Scarlett's new lighting system above her bed. We got her a twin bed in March, she isn't a fan... yet. The girl likes her crib. She has slept in it once, hopefully before brother comes, she will be up for the transition. I'd like to also note that the wires are no longer in sight. I love her little room in her room. :) We have lost some momentum in getting ready for baby brother, but it's been fun to see our plans come to life.
Dinner with Raegan! Since Seth finished his course work for his graduate work, we don't get to see Raegan every Thursday night. Reagan's dad is in the program too, and so she came to visit each week while the daddy's went to class. This was taken in one of the last few weeks we had her over. yummy dinner! We watched her for a year in a half on Thursdays, we'll miss Raegan!!

We went bowling at the BYU lanes the night before Grandma Sandi had to go back to Michigan.
I loved watching Scarlett really get into the bowling mode. She makes me smile so much!
"Mom, heavy, it's heavy...."
These two are trouble, they LoVeD the arcade car game.

I found this one day in the living room. She got Ann a chair and set the crown on her.

Scarlett would love to paint your nails, just come right on over....
She really isn't too bad at it either.
We've been watching Preston a lot lately since they're moving apartments in Provo. When Scarlett's napping, he gets to choose any toy(s) he wants without a sassy little diva telling him what he can and cannot do. And so he chooses the best ones, the purple crown and barbie. He wouldn't show me his beautiful smile, too busy watching Toy Story 3.

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