Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garage Sale'ing

I only went to on a garage sale kick one Saturday this summer. I loved it. I wish I had gone more. I left Scarlett and Seth at home to sleep while I went to a first few, and then they joined me. Seth about freaked when he saw my wad of cash I was ready to give to anyone for their junk. But it was a ton of One dollar bills... I felt so rich though.

We got some sweet and CHEAP toys for Scarlett, some jeans and shoes. I got this gigantic framed art piece that I only want for the frame - project in the works. At our last garage sale stop there was a lady just trying to get rid of a ton of other people's stuff for them. She pretty much said take whatever you want and give me $5. Score! I got a lot of smaller frames for projects I make as wedding/baby gifts. Like this: I made it for my cousin Mary's wedding gift. A bit of spray paint and sanding here and there.We also got a table /chair set that is just right for Scarlett. She likes having her own little chair. I want to put new fabric on it and paint it... too many projects.We got a few new games and hair bows. It was fun to find new treasures - will definitely try to go more next season.

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  1. Megan, she is SUCH a doll, seriously, so cute!