Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wrestling Tourny & 34 wk check up

Friends. This is an update on our busy, busy weekend. Friday early afternoon we rode down to Richfield with Aunt Heather and cousin Andra and friend Reagan. In Richfield we helped out at The Beehive Brawl - a huge wrestling tournament for kids 6-15 yrs old. My Uncle Andy hosts this huge and growing event, this year almost 900 kids were signed up! And it was a huge success, we got done last night at 6:00pm!!! That is amazing. We left the arena about 8pm.

Friday we sold shirts most of the time, handed out coaches meal tickets and coaches passes for parents, etc. to be down on the mats with their wrestlers. Saturday Seth and I each worked a computer covering two mats (entering in scores/updating brackets). My mats were 12 & 15 yr olds wrestling, Seth got to see the little guys wrestle at his. Brought back lots of memories watching my brothers wrestle and going to their meets. My mats had all the drama - I saw a ref get ejected, and a ref eject 3 coaches... tempers were raging, faces were fuming blood red, I was just waiting to see who the first one would be to throw a fist... luckily it didn't go that far though.

It was a fun time! However I felt a bit (incredibly) uncomfortable by the end of each night. I slept SO good Friday night, and was refreshed for the big day Saturday but could barely move as we walked out of the place. Baby girl enjoyed the entire day, I'm sure she wanted to know what the heck was going on!! It was SO loud all day, lots of buzzers, yelling, whistle blowing. She never calmed down, I felt sore getting up and walking around just because of her constantly moving. It was so fun though, so glad she's so active. It's my favorite thing, to feel her move. I've had an extremely lazy Sunday. Slept in as long as I could, pulled my hair back/no make up for church... ate left overs for dinner. and slept. Oh, and the best - a jetted hot bath and reading my book. Doesn't get better.

My 34 week OB check up was last Monday. She's measuring a tad big, sounds fabulous, and there's no complications! What a blessing. Because of before pregnancy high blood pressure, which has been well controlled with meds this whole time, they are still watching me closely and doing all the pre-cautions possible to assure a good delivery and healthy baby. So my doctor will now see me for weekly visits and I'm doing weekly non-stress tests at the hospital. No need to worry, all pre-cautionary. Which is fabulous. My doc did say he will not let me go past my due date. If a non-stress test ever shows concern he'll probably just induce me before putting me on bed rest. This concerned me a little, but he said he feels completely confident in inducing me any day after my 34 wk mark so no need to worry. After 37 weeks, maybe he'll just have us pick an induction date. This makes me happy/excited... but nervous too- because that is so soon!! So we'll see what happens!!!

Our first non-stress test was Wednesday. We had to wait an hour before getting started. I had a lot of my questions answered. It worries me that a non-stress test is only 20 minutes during an entire day, and an entire week. What if baby girl is doing perfect for those 20 minutes but then something happens and she gets 'sick' right after that and we don't find out in time before the next non stress test? For me they are worried about preeclampsia. I'm grateful there are a number of symptoms to look for before something bad could happen. But super grateful I haven't had any of those symptoms! Tomorrow is my weekly doc appt, Wed is my 2nd non stress test, and Thurs is my 35 wk mark!! I'm SO close to being full term, this all has absolutely FLOWN by. The nursery preparations are in the works, I'm working on a rag quilt for her (brown/light green/ purple colors). Seth and I will be welcoming home our baby girl in no time! Totally excited!!

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