Thursday, January 14, 2010

About baby...

Today I am 33 weeks along. I really love it, all! I think I'm getting pretty big, I'm feeling big - as in I appreciate Seth putting socks on my feet for me when he is around when I need them to be on. :)

Baby girl is pretty active... I read online about doing recommended counts of fetal movements during the baby's most active time of the day, and that there should be at least 10 every 4 hours... um try 10 every 4 minutes, at least. She has her days when she isn't as active as usual, of course I worry. I'll drink something cold or jab myself a bunch. Usually doesn't help - and then she'll decide to let me know all is well. I've tried to get a few videos of her being so active - you can see my shirt move lots, etc. but the videos never come out well enough to post. Maybe in a few weeks... I am carrying her pretty much right in the middle... some say they carry their child very low, or very high. Maybe she's a little on the high side, but pretty much right in the middle.

We got the second room a bit more organized and set up so we can start making it her room. We got a crib two days ago!! We scored from an ad on KSL classified's. This was a whopping $40! I love that it is solid/sturdy wood, and not the spoke-like slats. I plan on painting it if the weather permits a warmer sunny day sometime soon. I just really don't like light wood. Don't worry, I've done some research on what paints are safe, etc.
Seth went to pick up the crib while I was at work. I loved the excitement in his voice when he told me he got it. He feels her so much now, it's not just kicks it's all the movements that can be felt now. Seth thinks she especially enjoys it when he shakes my belly up and down, side to side like you would if you're mixing kool-aid in a sealed pitcher. That's not just her going up and down, side to side - but all of my insides too. So he doesn't get away with doing that for too long. Sometimes he'll give her kisses, or pat her on the bum, or talk to her - cheesy, sorry! But I love it.

I've been SO blessed to feel so amazing, at least so far, with this whole adventure. I really don't feel very different than I did before the pregnancy. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant, and then she'll remind me :) I'm still wearing my wedding ring, I have days when my feet will swell some. I'm grateful my blood pressure is doing well, and that she doesn't hurt me if she kicks my ribs. I've heard that's painful. I'm grateful tums cures my heartburn right away! I've had heartburn for the last few months, some foods give me more heartburn than others - but if I am burpy (which feels like all the time) I have heartburn.

But what I am the most grateful for is.... I sleep SO GOOD! :) I've always been able to fall asleep wherever I am, and so quickly. No matter how many times I have to get up to pee, or what time it is, I can fall right back to sleep. Biggest Blessing Ever. Only "complaint - my hips don't work so well right when I get up, I think of it as being a 70 yr old German shepherd who's hips don't work anymore. A pillow between the legs while sleeping helps, some.

ANYWAY - our birthing/hospital class is this Saturday, we're going to the 6 hour-all-in-one-chunk class at Utah Valley, where I'll be delivering at. My next appointment is next Monday, and after that I'll be going in every 2 weeks. It's coming down to the wire! I'm trying to let it sink in completely, and convince myself this is very real and time to put the room together, checking off a shopping list. But parts of me are still in denial, really. I feel like a part of me is still afraid to be attached, or accept this is going to happen and everything is going to be just fine.I don't let that stop me from getting completely excited and daydream about what it will be like as a new mom, what she'll be like, what our family will be like.

So... here's to 33 weeks! That countdown on the side that says 49 days to go - is more crazy b/c it says "231 days so far". Wow...oh - and of course the famous question everyone asks... "What will her name be?" Well, we will definitely not decide anything until we see her. And we haven't officially looked over a name book. We're very open to suggestions. But we both love "Kayla" and "Scarlet" - and they are so different than each other. We will just need to see her.


  1. I think it's funny that you said not to worry- that you researched the safe types of paint. I wouldn't even have thought of that! Yikes. Is that a little scary?? I love that crib though, and you definitely can't beat the price!

    Also, I've been to that 6 hour birthing class :) I went with a good friend who was pregnant because her husband was out of town. Enjoy it!

  2. i haven't commented in a long time, but i've been following your blog...and i am so excited for you and Seth! watch out b/c she'll grow quicker than you think :) can you email me your address...i want to send a baby gift. take care and rest while you still can!

  3. Scarlet will looooove that crib!!! what a steal of a deal! :D

  4. I didn't know you had a blog! So glad you posted! I had fun reading through some of your posts. Where are you guys at now, you mentioned you moved. And congrats to your husband for graduating! Thats exciting news. I'm excited for you being in the home stretch. It comes quick, then all of a sudden it's been three years. I hope everything goes well!

  5. i haven't taken a chance to tell you congrats. I'm really excited for you. you're going to be a great mom.