Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw back Thursday

Three posts for Thursday.
Throwing this Thursday back to a day I wasn't prepared for.

 Back in mid February Scarlett (and a friend) found some scissors. Scarlett has cut her own bangs before, and I thought learned her lesson. But when her and a friend were playing so nicely in the basement while I was cleaning upstairs,

They were playing SO nicely.
 I should have known!

 They found scissors. and decided to cut each others hair. We had talked about cutting Scarlett's hair for her birthday anyway, but I was not prepared to cut it without mental preparation. I didn't know I was so "attached" to her long hair. I cried, and cried. Seth met us at the hair salon to be with Lincoln and Scarlett while I cried outside. Hahaha, it's funny now, but I was seriously so sad. And so tired. And not feeling very confident in other mothering skills.

It was so long!

I like it now, and it was a needed change. It's healthy and growing strong. 

Love her. 

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