Saturday, December 3, 2011


Well, I'm keeping up on my posting pattern pretty consistently. Does that sentence make sense? You'll have to forgive me... I feel like my English skills are deteriorating lately, and I don't have good English as it is. Pretty sad.

Sunday evening (20th) Seth and I went to Park City and stayed until Wednesday to have a little 5 year anniversary getaway. We left Scarlett with family. Park City was great, relaxing, and fun. We did some shopping, caught a few movies, ate good food, went driving around the crazy rich people's houses, etc but my favorite part was probably playing pool with Seth. It was just nice to be together, with no distractions or schedule. I didn't take a single blasted picture... and I had my camera like the whole time. Lame, I know.

So... Thanksgiving was a blast. A Lot of Seth's family was in town! Cousins from Rexburg came down and stayed with us Wed-Sunday. He has some cousins that live in Provo going to school also, AND Seth's parents were in town! So it was quite a blast. I really didn't take any photos of Thanksgiving though :( My father in law, Steve, was taking a ton so I felt like I didn't need to. But of course I didn't get copies of the photos he took before they left home to Michigan.

It was a great feast though! We played a lot of "mafia" afterward. And that is always a blast with the Oesterle clan. (Seth's mom's maiden name is Oesterle)

We also did a little black friday shopping. Oh, how I wish we had some photos of that!! I didn't do a great job at planning out a wishlist this year. But I like the deals we got, and the experience of it all. We went to wal mart. And holy. crap. It was nuts! I like going to wal mart b/c the last two years they have started Thursday night, so you don't have to get up super early. It's easy to stay up late than to wake up early.

I went looking for the 600 thread count $20 sheets right away (any size!). Got a pretty good spot, and once it was time to attack (10pm) it was MAD HOUSE. CHAOS. I was able to get in there though and start handing things to people around me who wanted some. Then I was throwing the set that we wanted (mother in law/cousins, us)... They went fast! On the way out of the store 45 min later my Mother in law said "I saw a different side of Megan tonight that I would have never imagined." Hahahaha. Oh boy. I can get determined about some things....

We got a fisher-price little people "dance and twirl" set for Scarlet, 10 bucks. it was marked down from 30 to 15, but I also had a $5 off coupon fisher price toy - and got it for TEN.

We wanted to try target at midnight... but it was absolutely insane. I thought wal-mart was crazy. But Target was nothing compared to Wal-mart. It was SO bad. the line literally wrapped around the parking lot 3 times. And at the door they had the zig-zag line along the side of the building. Then, once it was midnight, they were only letting a dozen or so people go in at a time. I don't know how long people had to wait outside, but we weren't going to hang around for that mess.

Friday was pretty chill. And that was a good thing. Saturday Seth's parents left on their 24 hour car ride home to Michigan. Seth's mom, Sandi, had been in town for about 6 weeks! It was fun having her here. I can't believe it's December, b/c she was here November just flew by. I wish Steve, father in law, could have stayed longer! But that's life.

I got to decorate our Christmas tree while the cousins went out off roading in the Nutty Putty cave area on Saturday afternoon. Scarlett slept the whole time, it was perfect. Saturday night we went to Temple Square. Goodness it was cold. But great. I am not going to lie, I was a tad disappointed this year with the lights. I feel like there have been more in the past. But I like seeing the nativity scenes and the different displays they have. And of course the Salt Lake Temple looked amazing all lit up, as always. I'm glad it worked for us to all go up together, We're a good group of cousins.

And that was our Thanksgiving week! It was a party.

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