Thursday, February 18, 2010

38 Weeks...

2 more weeks... 14 days... I can totally do this. But I got a bit frustrated today... at nothing?

I had my doctor appt this morning. It was the first appointment Seth hasn't been able to go with me. Which is totally fine, today was his 2nd day of work!! I didn't expect him to ask for time off already :). My blood pressure was high, 146/109. I hadn't taken my meds yet - I hadn't eaten anything yet so I was waiting for breakfast after the appt. Anyway, the doc of course goes to say "We'll induce you today if your blood pressure doesn't go down during your Non stress test (I had my weekly NST scheduled for 10am, right after the doc appt). They'll monitor you there and if it's still high they'll take you to labor &delivery and monitor you for 2 hours." Whatever. Everything he said went though one ear and out the other. I don't have pre-eclampsia. Yes, my chances of having it are "3 fold" more than usual. But I don't have any of the symptoms... no swelling, no headaches, no blurred vision, no right side pain, and no high blood pressure over a five min period of time. So... my doc appt was very fast - he wanted to get me over for the NST. He checked me... MAYBE 50% effaced, not even 1 cm dilated. What a joke. This really frustrated me.

NST went great. She was going crazy. Fluid 23. BP was 138/85 and then 115/68. And off to work I went...

For many reasons, this is all a good thing, I don't know why I was frustrated. We strongly want a March baby. It's fantastic I don't have pre-eclampsia when the docs all thought I would. I feel amazing, really. I still enjoy all of this, I can totally be patient. It is frustrating that my body isn't doing much yet, and I am due soon.

While Seth was at class tonight I went and took some baby things back to trade them in for other things we need Or things I just wanted. It totally took my frustration away. I got her some more mittens, a super cute hooded towel with matching wash clothes, a baby bath tub, a super cute summer hat, and things I'll need for the hospital. Tomorrow night we're going to Ikea to look around for baby room decor. Saturday is my big day to do more laundry, put my bag all together, and organize her room with final touches. I'm excited for that. But it will be a busy day! Anyway, after tonight's shopping/errands it put me in a fantastic mood with renewed energy to take advantage of the time I have left to make awesome preparations for her. PLUS - I can enjoy more time with it being just Seth and I. Because it will be a very, very long time before it is just the two of us again.

Seth LOVES his job. His big first day was yesterday. He is very excited about working there. They took him out to Goodwood for lunch - jealous! He brags about the wholesale vending machines (30 cent M&M's), unlimited snacks like fruit/cup of noodles and pop. Cousin Mary works across the street at UVU's culinary school so he can go over there and get cheap lunch and run into her. He loves the people, job description, perks, etc. It's really fantastic to have a happy husband :).

He's been doing very well with school too. He had a 10 page paper due tonight and presented it to the class with a power point. His paper was about why he will make a good counselor. I really enjoyed reading it and helping him think of experiences to add so he could get the full LONG 10 pages. He IS going to be a fantastic counselor. He really loves the program so far at University of Phoenix. So proud of him for all that he has taken on AND accomplished in the last month. Within a month - New full time employment, new full time school, and soon to be a new full time brand new daddy. Go Seth, Go!!


  1. How far your body has progressed toward labor really has zero indication of when you'll actually go into labor, so I wouldn't worry too much about not being dilated or effaced much. You could still very easily go into labor before or on your due date with no problems. (I have also known of women who walk around 100% effaced and 4cm dilated for weeks. I personally think that would be more frustrating than anything.)

    So exciting that you're so close! And congrats to Seth on the job!! Glad he likes it.

  2. You're so close! I'm jealous... seems like June will never get here!

  3. I can't believe you are so far along, that is so exciting! I didn't realize that you are already 38 weeks along. Yay!!

  4. Yeah for a happy, healthy mom with this pregnancy!! Baby girl will come when she and your body are ready. Enjoy the next few weeks with just the 2 of you. O...congrats to Seth on his new job!! So glad that he loves it.

  5. I am so happy for you guys!! Everything is just falling into place for you!! its so great that he loves his job!! The last two weeks were the worst for me, just the anticipation!! its soo exciting!!!

  6. How exciting! You've got just 8 more days to go. Post lots of pics of this cute baby. Good luck with everything.

  7. It's so hard to be patient... that's why I was induced with my first two. Then wham... Ethan was 4 days late but FAST. So keep up the patients and possitive attitude :) YEA

  8. You really work hard and done a very good work. I like your spirit and you have much patience.