Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 months! And General Conference

Sterling is 5 months old!
 He is such a fun sumo chunk to have in the family! 
He sits up, rolls back to front, LOVES his toes, and blowing raspberries.
 His siblings love him too!

I'm not great at taking these "month" pictures on the first of every month, but I did get it done on October 1st. And Scarlett & Lincoln helped me too. 

Sterling, LoVeS those toes.... Isn't this a yoga pose? "Happy Baby" 

Sterling got his first haircut last week. It was time, he had really long newborn hair and the rest was starting to fill in. I'm glad the clippers were in Seth's hand and I wasn't responsible for the outcome! He's a handsome fella! 

We have been soaking up the fall weather. It has been a little on the hot side, but Thursday night was perfect to just lay out on a blanket and look up at the blue blue sky.

And grab toes, of course. 
Our red roses keep blooming! I added the pumpkins on Thursday to officially welcome in fall, and walking home yesterday it just seemed like a good photo op.

Conference! Why is it that the older you get the more you want and NEED General Conference in your life But it's almost impossible to just sit down with your notebook and pen to enjoy and relax soaking in everything? Kids. Babies. Messy House. Dishes. Laundry. I should have seriously prepared better. 
But it was pretty awesome to hear about Elder Aoba's pottery during the first session. 

I didn't recognize it right away, but then I remembered while in my second area, on the island of Shikoku, The missionaries were asked to judge an English speech contest. And to thank us, they gave us each a piece of pottery from Elder Taichi Aoba! I didn't serve in Niihama, but we were in the same stake/zone. It's a beautiful dish he made!