Saturday, September 12, 2015

Right Now

I have been meaning to blog for SO long! I have lots of posts I'm in the middle of and just need to finish. But I just took this photo of my 3 kiddos watching a Saturday cartoon and now forcing myself to blog it.

Since Scarlett started Kindergarten, no -since I had surgery the first part of August, no - since family came into town for Sterling's blessing, no - since we had weeks packed of appointments and assessments, no - since we had guests the entire month of May to welcome in our beautiful chunk of heaven Sterling... Yeah, since that happened life has been full. And the motivation to blog and document life has been left on the back burner.

Sometimes I just think - 24 hours in the day is plenty of time to get in what I need and want to do, really! But really you just have to take life one day at a time because you don't know what unexpected things will happen that create new needs and necessities of life. Like doing Scarlett's laundry because she peed the bed because she stepped on a bee and got her first bee sting on the bottom of her foot (so she said she couldn't walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night by herself and didn't want to wake anyone up. Really, that was considerate of her).
Or feeling terrible when Lincoln limps to me this morning saying his foot still hurts - massive splinter in the bottom of his foot. He must have gotten it while he was playing on Aunt Heather's would swingset (while Seth and I were installing a TV at Grandma's) and that is why he didn't want to put his shoes on to walk down to the movie on Adobe's lawn last night. But I made him anyway, and he didn't put up that much of a fight. So this morning we spent 20 minutes convincing him it needed to come out, and we needed to inflict more pain to get it out, and icing it to numb it so it wasn't so painful. Seth held him down, Scarlett held the light on it, and I dug it out. Ouch.
Just unexpected things happen... life just happens. Unanticipated events that take up time with comforting or cleaning. Or you use exhaust your brain thinking of tactics to distract the 3 and 5 year old from the pain they're in or to get them on board with the things that must happen.

Therefore blogging and documenting these fun daily events continues to get pushed back. But I want to be able to remember it all! Life is happening, and it's eventful in it's own ways, everyday.

And when I run up the stairs after putting laundry in and find this scene of content children on a clean floor (ignoring the mommy guilt that they're adding up their screen time for the day already) all is right in the world.

Now.... Time to get back to the hustle. Got to find that soccer uniform and get the car loaded... and wrap the baby shower gifts to drop by before Scarlett's game! It's go-go-go! (And Seth is out helping family put in a lawn, fun fun!)

PS - My Baby Just Rolled (almost all the way) Over! He has gotten really close for weeks now, but this time he almost has the arm out from under him - that's the hard part.