Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seth's at work this weekend. Scarlett's currently taking a nap. And I'm doing lots of cleaning, laundry, etc. But all with such a heavy heart. And lots of tears. I am just so sad.

I have an adorable bright blue eyed nephew who is just 7 months older than Scarlett. They are the best of friends. Scarlett absolutely loves him. Loves him. She gets to go play with Preston while I work two days a week. They make each other laugh and love playing together. They also make each other cry and scream and all that other feisty toddler stuff.

Scarlett is still rear-facing in her car seat, and when we are just blocks away from getting to Preston's house Scarlett gets very excited and starting saying "Preston! Preston!". Sometimes Preston is the first word when Scarlett wakes up, and her last word before going to sleep at night. She asks where he is, and just adores him. They are such good friends. Such close cousins.

Yesterday Preston was seen by a specialist who is very positive Preston has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. They will do a muscle biopsy in a few weeks to confirm the diagnosis. We were hoping for something curable, temporary. However, this is not curable. And I am so sad. There is no DMD or muscular dystrophy in the family history of Preston, but 35% of DMD cases are from a mutation and not genetic.

Preston was born into the greatest family, with the best parents for him. It will be okay, but it is still hard.