Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of May

I have so much to catch this blog up with. Like the end of April - When Seth's parents came and visited for a week!! It was such a blast. And Easter! I haven't even posted about Easter...

Or how about Seth's birthday? He turned 27 on Monday. I haven't taken as many pictures as I really should be.

So here are a few photos... I'll have to get a few slideshows done to highlight the last month and when Steve and Sandi were here. But until then...

She loves to wear Seth's Shoes...And then tries to walk in them.
Scarlett just got the "sip from a straw" trick tonight... It took her a bit, we are so proud! :)

Scarlett and Raja.... They both love looking out the screened window...

Here is Raja trying to make peace after Scarlett had shoved her away from the window.
But Scarlett is pretty sure only she can be looking out the screened window, no room for a cat too! Scarlett usually "pats" rather than "pets" Raja... Which Raja will usually endure. Then there are times Raja will not take it from Scarlett and they get in their "cat fight". Thank goodness for plastic claws you can put on cats so they don't scratch you. We learned about them after Raja had had enough and got Scarlett REAL good - on the face. Much better than declawing a cat. and it actually works. Seth's Birthday Banner... Does it look familiar?

Scarlett was running a fever all day. So none of her invited cousins could come to Seth's Birthday party. :( After 102-103 temps we took her to the doctor Tuesday... double ear infection... joy! She sure is a trooper though. Of course she was well enough to test out cousin Ryan's shoes.
The Big 2-7... Lots of smoke after he blew that cake out!

A Rainy Day... Seth worked the weekend day shift last week. So while we missed him on Saturday and Sunday... We had a lot of good family time Friday/Monday/Tuesday! Too bad Scarlett was sick for most of that time, we had hoped to do a few more fun things. But the weather wasn't great either, so not sure what all we would have planned on doing anyway.
She cracks me up.
Saturday night Scarlett went with me to the Adult session of Stake conference, since Seth was at work. We lasted an hour... she just wants to run around everywhere now. Sunday, we made it just an hour of the general stake conference session... I'm so grateful for Seth, it would be very difficult to be a single parent! Sunday... Scarlett was very interested in the fire hydrant outside the church. She even dropped the Things so she could really find out what the hydrant was all about.

And here she is eating olives for the first time. She didn't seem to care I had put them on her fingertips... I don't think she really even noticed. She ended up chewing on them for like a half hour and then spit them out. Warm, gushy, and slobbered olives - gross.